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Census Flyers and Fact Sheets

Montana-customized 2020 Census downloadable print materials. 

Montana 2020 Census General Information Flyers

2020 Census 101

Counting Everyone in Montana 

Ways to Respond to the 2020 Census - Half Page Flyer

2020 Census FAQ

2020 Census and Confidentiality

Why Each Census Question is Asked 

Montana Census General Information Rack Card 

10 Minutes for 10 Years - Half Page Flyer 

How to Lawfully Support Census Outreach

Montana 2020 Census Complete Count Committee Toolkit Overview 

Montana 2020 Census Email Signature Banner 

Support Montana 2020 Census Email Banner 

Montana 2020 Census Government Flyers

Complete Count Committee Flyer

Census & Voting - Know the Differences 

Montana 2020 Census Military Flyers

Military Flyer

Group Housing Flyer

Montana 2020 Census College Flyers 

College Campus Fact Sheet

Half Page College Students Flyer 1

Half Page College Students Flyer 2

Group Housing Flyer

Montana 2020 Census Children Flyers 

K-12 Education Fact Sheet

Counting Young Children Flyer

Children's Healthcare Flyer

Education Flyer 

Montana School Promotion Material

Elementary& Middle School Poster

Highschool Poster

Children's Census Activity Book 

Statistics in Schools Brochure 

Letter to Montana Schools

K-12 Education Fact Sheet

Montana 2020 Healthcare Flyers

Healthcare Flyer

Children's Healthcare Flyer

Montana 2020 Community Services Flyers 

Faith- Based Organizations Fact Sheet

Homeless Audience Flyer

Homeless Audience Flyer 2

Food Banks Flyer

Montana 2020 Census Rural Flyers

Half Page Rural Audiences Healthcare Flyer

Half Page Rural Audiences Transportation Flyer 

Montana 2020 Census and Voting

Half Page Flyer on Census Versus Voting - Made in conjunction with the Montana League of Women Voters 

Montana 2020 Census Senior Flyers

Seniors Fact Sheet

Montana 2020 Census Business & Economic Developers Flyers

Economic Developers and Business Fact Sheet

Montana 2020 Census Tribal Flyers 

American Indian Fact Sheet

Tribal Fact Sheets with Tribe specific logos:




Fort Belknap

Fort Peck

Little Shell

Northern Cheyenne

Rocky Boys 

Montana Housing Flyers

Housing Flyer

Housing Mail Insert 

U.S. Census Bureau 2020 Publications for General Audiences

50 Ways Census Data Are Used

Road to the 2020 Census 

Census at a Glance 

Innovative Technologies Ensure a Complete and Accurate 2020 Census 

Top 10 Facts Census Data Can Tell you About Your Community

George Washington University - Counting for Dollars 2020: Role of the Decennial Census in the Geographic Distribution of Federal Funds 

Distribution of FY2016 Funding for Montana